Introducing our exciting next summer program ...

Meghan's Place Live

Fun, interactive, live class you can attend either in your own home or at Meghan’s Place!

Hello Friends, and welcome to “Meghan’s Place, Live!”(MPL). While we have many friends who are able and ready to attend on-site activities, we also have friends who are unable to travel or attend classes in person, especially during the current health situation. To meet the needs of all of our interested members, Meghan’s Place is offering a new, virtual summer activities program! MPL is available for all of our members, both on-site and virtually (via a secure internet link), during the 2020 surmmer months (June, July and August).

Meet Our Amazing Instructors

Kristi Hansen
Kristi Hansen

Kristi- Registered Nurse for 19 years, currently an Oncology/Chemotherapy RN at Hutchinson Health; group fitness instructor for 6 years at America’s Fitness, teaching boot camps, HIIT, Spin & Strength & kickboxing. Kristi and her husband Anthony have 3 kids – Samuel 15, Audrey 13 & Jacob 10.

Joseph Meier
Joseph Meier

Joseph- CSCS, Pn2, author and personal trainer/nutrition coach at LifeTine Fitness in Eden Prairie. With his easy-going style, Joe is able to motivate and inspire individuals of all ages and abilities. Joe is a familiar face, having worked with Meghan’s Place members and friends as a fitness instructor, volunteer and tennis coach.

Allie Smith
Allie Smith

 Allie – ELCA Pastor in South Dakota, 3 years experience as a certified yoga instructor through “Yoga Faith.” Allie is a sister to Meghan, and is passionate about reading, writing and helping people feel welcome and valued. Allie and her husband Nash have 3 cherished pets, Banjo, Milo and Shadow.

Sandy Kephart
Sandy Kephart

Director of Children’s Ministry at Peace Lutheran Church in Hutchinson; certified k-12 art teacher, teaching at every age level over the past 30 years. Sandy’s passion is to share her love of art and her faith with others, finding joy in helping people discover, through art, individual uniqueness and creativity.

Cyndi Lauer

Pre-k – grade 8 Music Teacher at NDMA, teaching piano lessons for 28 years. Her hobbies i11clude MUSIC!, cooking/baking, photography and travel. Her joy in life is her family, including her husband Brian, sons and daughters-in-law, Robb and Kendra, Mike and Wendy, Tyler and Jessi and sweet granddaughter Amelia.

HOW do I become a "summer member" and attend MPL?

  1. Complete Meghan’s Place, Live! camp registration forms
  2. Pay a one-time membership fee of $10 for the summer (includes June, July and August)
  3. Sign up for each class you would like to attend; cost is $5 per class
  4. Choose whether you will attend on-site or virtually.
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